Gark - The Ultimated Gaming Platform and Messenger

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Welcome to Gark!

As some of you know, it's hard to communicate with friends via social networks while you are ingame, therefore we are proud to present new project made by gamers, GARK.

Some of features that are currently available:

  • Server list of popular Call of Duty 2 & Call of Duty 4 games and availibility to connect directly to server from GARK client
  • Friends system, communicate with your friends, "build" new connections in the gaming world
  • Don't forget that GARK uses less than 25 MB of RAM memory so that your gaming performance is not affected at any point

Future plans:

  • Ingame chat
  • Custom user status
  • Ingame screenshots
  • Various filters for searching available gameservers
  • Adding other games to the client, such as: CS:GO, CS:S, CS 1.6, Quake Serial, UT Serial, Minecraft, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Garry's Mode, and more to come...
  • Invite friend to the gameserver which you are currently playing on, with only one click
  • Custom themes
  • Statistics, eg. game hours
  • ... and more features - you can also post any feature you would like to see in GARK client to our Forum


GARK is still in early access stage so we expect some bugs and glitches in application, if you find one, please report it to our Forum section.


Download GARK and be among the first who will be part of the GARK community, part of new gaming social world. Be among the first who will help us in application test so it can come as soon as possible to the version that you can use every day.